The employee has the option not only to work, but also to feel good while doing it

The workplace has changed dramatically in the last year and a half – something that hasn’t happened since the Internet was introduced. What happened during this time will determine the way we will work in general in the coming decades. According to Wall Street Journal, as a result of the above, several basic rights have emerged that employees already feel are mandatory or and will motivate them to return to the office.

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Отличията на b2bmedia се връчват за 5-та поредна година и засягат сферата на развитието на корпоративна социална отговорност, иновативност и устойчиво поведение

10 юли 2019 г. на церемония по връчване на Годишните награди на b2bmedia социалната кампанията на Респонса Превент  РАБОТИ БЕЗОПАСНО, БЪДИ ЗДРАВ бе отличена с награда за „Предприемачество с кауза“. Наградата бе връчена лично от собственика, главен редактор на медията и организатор на събитието Надя Маринова.Социалната инициатива е насочена към работодатели и служители и с нея искаме да популяризираме полезни практики, да споделим опит в сферата на трудовата безопасност, като с това повишим информираността за превенция.

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How the Ferry Is Changing the Brooklyn-Queens Waterfront

In the 1850s, Walt Whitman took a ferry from Brooklyn to Manhattan and did a remarkable thing — he wrote something nice about his commute.

“Ah, what can ever be more stately and admirable to me than mast-hemm’d Manhattan? River and sunset and scallop-edg’d waves of flood-tide?”

New Yorkers today are generally less enthused about mass transit. But the East River ferry is enjoying a revival thanks to a recent expansion and is luring developers to a long-neglected stretch of the city’s industrial waterfront, from western Queens to south Brooklyn.

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The Great American Single-Family Home Problem

BERKELEY, Calif. — The house at 1310 Haskell Street does not look worthy of a bitter neighborhood war. The roof is rotting, the paint is chipping, and while the lot is long and spacious, the backyard has little beyond overgrown weeds and a garage sprouting moss.

The owner was known for hoarding junk and feeding cats, and when she died three years ago the neighbors assumed that whoever bought the house would be doing a lot of work. But when the buyer turned out to be a developer, and when that developer floated a proposal to raze the building and replace it with a trio of small homes, the neighborhood erupted in protest.

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Six Tips To Go From An Active To Passive Real Estate Investor

Managing your real estate investment properties can be a business by itself. The calls on evenings and weekends about leaks, breaks and tenant complaints can quickly make you wish to have your freedom back. You may have built wealth with your investment, but now your time is consciously and subconsciously controlled by it.

Recently I’ve heard more and more people who have become wealthy through real estate say that, after years of actively managing their investments, they are looking to take a more hands-off approach to free up their time. Most want to continue to invest in the types of assets they are familiar with but don’t want to deal with the day-to-day operations anymore.

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The wrecking ball swings at Moscow – a photo essay

A mass demolition of Russia’s iconic Khrushchevka apartments will leave 2 million people with no choice about their next home. So why did so many approve it?

Moscow is enduring one of its periodic urban convulsions: plumes of dust fill the air, cranes proliferate across the skyline and the streets are soundtracked by pneumatic drills. In the city centre, new parks, infrastructure and freshly decorated historical monuments are the most visible signs of renewal. But there is another, less visible reconstruction programme going on – and one that is startling in its scale.

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Retail Sector Remains Bright Spot of Bahrain’s Property Market

With positive government interventions to bring in more investors and diversify Bahrain’s real estate market, retail remains a significant area of growth in the Kingdom’s property sector. The renewed confidence amongst retail occupiers and retail developers is especially reflected in the fact that retail rents have remained stable over the last six months, according to leading international real estate consultancy, Cluttons.

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