How the hybrid model of work will bring people back to the office

Employers need to take into account the work preferences of their employees and try to transform the corporate offices in a way to meet the expectations resulting from “the new normal”.

What is a „hybrid“ model of work is no longer a secret for anyone – it is the opportunity for each employee to choose where to perform their duties – from the company’s home (ie office) or from their own home. In some cases, however, this new model, which has become so popular after months of „home office“, has a negative impact on the quality or speed of work – when some employees are in the office, others – at home. According to experts, changes in the work environment and the distribution of work are needed.

Clear work schedule from home or office

In order to get a clear perspective of the presence of people in the office, it is good to prepare a work schedule that determines on which days there is an opportunity to work from home and on which presence in the office is desirable. This schedule is important to be consistent with the type of work – when a person needs solitude to complete their tasks, he is free to do it wherever he wants.

When it comes to a team meeting or a creative kick off to a new project, live meetings always give better results. If this division of tasks is respected and understood by all, the hybrid model of work will give maximum results.

The desk is not the only working space in the office

„Our tenants are sharing with us the increasing need for co-working type of workspaces. According to most of them, they are experiencing daily requests for the options that can be presented to the employees,“ says Sofia Airport Center Property Manager Nedelina Traykova.


This requires a reorganization of the workspaces, which can only happen with well through cooperation between the tenants and the managers of the office building. When employees are allowed to get up from their desks and occupy more comfortable armchairs and sofas, the atmosphere changes – conversations become more relaxed, productivity becomes natural.

With the creation of a variety of working options in the office itself and the ability to choose, the company can attract back to the headquarters a large number of people who like to work from home, or in a more “homey” environment.

Corporate culture through new channels

For many years, maintaining a corporate culture was more of an activity concentrated in the office. Now that is changing. The „hybrid“ model of work implies the development of additional channels for communication with all employees so that they feel part of the team no matter where they are physically. In addition to digital channels, holding various outdoor events are also a preferred way to strengthen the teamwork and most importantly – the team spirit.

“One of the great advantages of our buildings is the park in which they are located. We have everything we missed during the lockdown – space, fresh air, nature. The space is increasingly used by our tenants not only to spend time at their lunch break, but also to hold team meetings, celebrate successful quarters, etc. We can say that the office life in SAC spills over into the open spaces and we can only be happy that we can offer such an opportunity to our tenants ”, share the property management.

Shared work spaces also help in another direction – they strengthen the interaction between the teams and often help to smooth out conflict points in the work or boost the brainstorming project sessions. As before, the company’s corporate culture rests on shared values, concern for employees` welfare and open communication.

The observance of these rules is helped, on the one hand, by virtual tools for online meetings and internal newsletters, and on the other hand – a real change in the work environment, which can happen with the help of the professionals who are taking care of the building where your company resides.

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