The office is dead, long live the office

With the removal of the epidemiologic restrictions, teams are gradually returning to the office and the mood is more than uplifted. How did it happen so that we are looking forward to returning to a place where we always wanted to escape from a year ago?

COVID-19 brought changes – not only for the people but also for their workspaces because it helped us realize in a new way the reasons why we go to the office in general.

Because of the ideas, not because of the tasks

One can perform one’s routine duties from any place where there is a computer and the Internet, that is the reality we are living in. But working from home has clearly shown that in our days we have not only routine duties but also many moments when we need live communication to be more creative, more productive, more cohesive, and therefore more constructive.

From now on, the offices will support exactly this part of the work process – the teamwork. There will be many areas, facilitating gatherings in small groups and team meetings.

At SAC, the idea is taken to another level – creating a hub environment through activating the common area in a way that the communication flow between the employees of the different tenants is lighter and promotes the community spirit.

“The name of the project is Flex-R and it is a transformation of the winter garden of building A2 into a flexible working environment. The space is unique in itself – nearly 300 sqm and a height of 15.5 m.. We will keep and conserve part of the landscaping of the existing tropical winter garden, highly appreciated by our tenants, but we will also install workstations with comfortable furniture, re-designing the overall feel of the space. We believe this will create a sense of spaciousness and nature for the people using the lounge, but at the same time, it will provide the users with а strong internet connection and other amenities. We believe this is of utmost importance for our existing tenants activating in the information technology sector such as market leader IBM, research and development, professional services and adds value also for logistics and distribution companies in our park, as well as for future tenants conducting business in any industry, given the post-pandemic occupational requirements ”, says the Leasing and Marketing manager of the complex Mariya Tantilova.

Because of the sense of community

The office is the home of the company we work for. When we are there, we tune in to the frequencies of the shared mission, vision, and goals, which helps us be more creative, productive, and add value.

Working physically from the office is key for the new employees, who need to fit into the corporate environment, they need to experience how the workflow is organized and most importantly they need to feel and understand the team spirit of the company. This is almost impossible to happen in an online environment. Only when they are driven by a common goal and take advantage of the power of shared creativity can individuals give the best of themselves.

Office buildings that want to give the best experience to their tenants will also be transformed in this direction, helping and supporting the mission and vision of the tenant companies.

For convenience

„Our tenants point out that among other reasons for choosing the right office project, the amenities provided are of very high importance. Additional advantages pinpointed are maintenance of common areas, park areas, additional services (cafes, shops, restaurants)“ said Mariya.

At SAC, we try to create and support as much as we can the goal of the tenants to provide care and a safe environment to their employees. We are actively working towards the development of more space for sports, creativity, and leisure.

From now on, the path is clear – offices will have to combine the best from home, but will continue to be a preferred place for work, meetings, and socialization.

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