The Blueprint Gives Two b2b Media Employer Branding Network Awards

Andrew Morris, founder of the investment company The Blueprint, sat on the jury of the b2b Media First Annual Awards for achievements in employer brand building and promotion. He presented the awards in the Employer Brand Leader of the Year category to the winner, Sutherland Global Services Bulgaria.

The experience of employees in the working environment promotes efficiency and reliable accomplishment of projects.  Market leaders recognize clearly that attracting highly qualified specialists requires efficiency and innovation, the Branding Network team being the underlying driver.  Nowadays companies increasingly focus on employer branding globally. This is the chief mission of the special category of Employer Branding Network initiated by The Blueprint.  The investment company itself embraces the philosophy that employees of a company are its true ambassadors and it lives by it too.

The first award went to the American University in Blagoevgrad.  Undoubtedly one of the largest strengths of the institution is the close, vibrant and enduring connection with its alumni. Graduates are the finest ambassadors the university can have to attract new students and staff.  A strong contact and support network is in place actively participating in events to promote the university in this country, on the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and Asia, reaching as far as Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The second award in the Employer Branding Network category went to the real estate agency Primo+.  The work style of the agency is to focus on brokers and build a strong community.  Primo+ champions the idea that a company is not just an instrument of doing business but also of improving the personal standard of those it interacts with. When people share their own unique definition of happiness it becomes one common goal to eventually materialize.

Meetings between The Blueprint and awardees will follow the Employer Branding Network distinctions.  Andrew Morrison will be visiting the American University and Primo+ to discuss the best conditions and most efficient climate for staff as key to success.  Videos of the meetings will be available on the official YouTube channel of The Blueprint.

The ceremony of the First Annual b2b Media Awards took place at Novotel Sofia attended by employer brand professionals, media, and jury. The Employer of the Year award went to Sutherland Global Services Bulgaria, DM Bulgaria getting the Employer Branding Idea prize. Number one in Employer Branding Innovation was V+O Communication, and in Employer Branding PR – Sixty K.

Unicredit Bulbank was the jury’s pick in the Employer Branding Video category.   The top Employer Branding project was the one of Gemseek Group.  Imoteka got the first prize for Innovation in Talent Management.  BILLA Bulgaria was the HR Strategy of the Year winner. Naxex Technological Development received the Educational Project award, while Progress excelled in Excellence in Coaching.

The importance of employer brand perception among staff constantly grows.  No wonder that talents become increasingly critical with respect to the success or failure of the business they dedicate their efforts to.  Leading companies come to realize the significance of attracting and engaging people and the imperative to provide growth opportunities. These employers know that the focus on nurturing positive attitude towards the employer brand among staff is no less demanding in terms of care and extra efforts than the focus on efficient management of established product or service brands. The first edition of the awards in this country comes in response to the growing interest towards employer branding worldwide.

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