The Blueprint Partners the First Edition of Employer Branding Awards in Bulgaria

Mr. Andrew Morris Will Give the Special Prize in the Employer Branding Network Category b2b Media, with the investment company The Blueprint as partner, will launch the first edition of the Employer Branding Awards in this country. The project is about recognizing the achievements of companies on the Bulgarian market in promoting and strengthening the image of the employer brand.
Mr. Andrew Morris, the founder of The Blueprint, will be in the jury as representative of the business. A very special treat will be reserved for him: to present an award in the Employer Branding Network category at the official event on 19.01.2018. b2b Media as host of the initiative, wants to highlight how important the way employees perceive their company’s brand is for the business.

As the work environment and processes evolve, globally each entrepreneur comes to clearly realize that success is not just about the business concept but about the people behind its coming to life – the so called Employer Branding. Therefore it is essential to focus on the brand placement among its own employees. Understanding their perception and feeling part of the company they are employed in, of its image and success is crucial. Market leaders know only too well that in order to get the best specialists onboard, companies need to provide the relevant development opportunities in return.
Mr. Andrew Morris is one of those business persons in this country who is a staunch believer that investing in experts and people along with giving opportunities for advancement is a defining factor for success of each project. His creed is that the employees of a company should be its top priority: ’This is always a challenge. It takes in-house training and motivation to build a fine team, as well as allowing each and every member of this team to develop professionally.’ The more a business invests in the skills of existing staff, the stronger their trust in the company gets. Mr. Morris believes that efforts of companies to demonstrate personal attitude towards the people with whom they engage directly, pay back in loyalty and strong retention rates of accomplished professionals. This would be the approach to staff Mr. Morris will be looking for among the runners in the b2b Media contest.
The first edition of the Employer Branding Awards for the business will showcase the policies of choice for promoting staff development in this country. Good HR practices, the opportunities for employees, their advancement are all aspects of the overall picture in a company. The jury will be looking for novel and unconventional techniques which deliver and guarantee that the success of staff is a keystone of the ultimate mission of a business.


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