Roper-Curzon Is The London Based Design Firm To Know

The London based firm Roper-Curzon Ltd. is not your average building company. When Ben Roper-Curzon and Christian Dorin founded the boutique agency in 2015, they became pioneers in an industry that rarely sees architectural design paired with building project management. With this white glove, concierge approach to edifice, the team has become London’s go-to company for high end commercial and residential property development and refurbishment. Indeed it embodies modern English design and enterprise at it’s best.

In 2014, Christian was designing plans for the prestigious One Hyde Park development, and Ben was involved in the project’s construction management. While working together, the two saw an opportunity to join forces and form a venture that would provide both design and construction services all under the same corporate roof. Christian’s professional background as an architect and a family tradition in the design craft (his Grandfather was a pioneering British architect in the 1930’s) has established the technical integrity and polished aesthetic of the firm. And with Ben’s expertise in project management and client relations, there was no need for a liaison between architect and builder. At the RC firm, there is nothing lost in translation as teamwork is of mutual interest, and a meeting of the minds has proven a guarantee.

For the company’s title, Roper-Curzon was the agreed upon trademark as Ben’s forebearers have a deeply rooted history in the development of England and beyond. The historic Roper-Curzon family estate is the sprawling Pylewell Park dating back to the 17th century, Ben’s ancestor Benjamin Ingham was involved in buying and selling real estate in New York and Sicily in the 1850’s and most of Ben’s family members have cultivated careers in the arts. From this heritage of estate preservationists, entrepreneurs and artists it is no surprise that development and creativity is ingrained in the Roper-Curzon company culture.

Speaking of English traditions, the building industry in London is a highly specialized one due to the United Kingdom’s strict regulations on landmarked structures. Though important to preserve antiquity, the modern client prefers state-of-the art amenities and an au courantaesthetic. Roper-Curzon, with it’s extensive experience working with historic grade listed buildings, has the ability to overcome the conundrums of renovating old and highly regulated structures. One such project was a penthouse in a landmarked building, and the owners wanted a contemporary overhaul. Unfortunately the windows desired were against regulation, deemed too modern in appearance. Undeterred, the RC team delivered the desire effect using an ingenious installation of internal and exterior mirrors which filled the space with light, as well as brought in views of the London Eye. Projects like this demonstrate how bridging the gap between modern and historic, and honoring both past and present has become an art form for Roper-Curzon Ltd.

In addition to projects in London, the firm has developed a niche and loyal following with high profile patrons in Los Angeles, New York and continental Europe. Though the client list includes bold faced names of Hollywood and London society, Ben and Christian have made it known that discretion is a top priority, so one can only speculate as to who the fabulous occupants are of the beautifully appointed properties. One particularly buzz worthy commercial project, slated to open in Notting Hill next year, will of course be disclosed post the highly photographed opening night. A hint: it is an iconic members club, restaurant and hotel project for music and movie industry clients. Guess away… and in the meantime, stand ready to admire the modern-meets-historic preservation projects of Roper-Curzon that are fast becoming London’s most sought after designs.



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