Picmiller – global partner of the International Real Estate Federation /FIABCI/

The owner of the investment company The Blueprint, member of BBBA, Mr. Andrew Morris announced the beginning of the official partnership between the Picmiller platform and FIABCI – the International Real Estate Federation.

Cooperation between the project for photo processing of real estate images Picmiller and FIABCI is yet another proof that a strategic partnership has the capacity to assist the development of business, to define potential opportunities and contribute to the stability of a company. For this reason, it was officially announced on October 4th that the two organizations have decided to partner with each other not only on regional, but on global level.

Picmiller has been partnering with the NSNI (National Real Estate Association) since 2016, and with FIABCI since the beginning of 2017 when the Finnish company representative in Bulgaria, Mr. Morris acquainted the members of the international federation in Bulgaria with the project – detailed editing of images by professionals, and not by automated software. One of the biggest advantages of the service is the quick and quality feedback, and the high quality and control standards. Experts from the real estate field, members of the organization, welcomed with great enthusiasm the opportunity to use the platform’s services, they were satisfied with the advantages it offers and the time necessary for processing the images. This in turn led to Mr. Morris’s participation in the FIABCI World Congress in Andorra this May. It was about that time it became clear that such a partnership is more than needed, and talks were initiated for it to develop into global cooperation. Thus collaboration between the two parties began on Sept. 15th, 2017.

Seeing the great potential ahead of their cooperation, Picmiller and FIABCI have expressed their satisfaction with the joint project, the purpose of which is modernizing and optimizing the job of professional brokers, improving their performance, and raising standards in the whole sector, and hence actual increase in real estate sales. Experts at the Finnish company also provide their partners with preferential terms for using the platform to help assist their activities – all FIABCI members can send pictures for processing and receive preferential prices at a 10% discount off the regular price. These special terms of usage for the whole organization also include more bonuses for each and every regional representation, in the amount of 5%, and an additional global FIABCI bonus equal to 5%. An additional bonus is offered to the local FIABCI organizations themselves, which gives them the opportunity to process up to 5 pictures free of charge. Thus, Picmiller provides real estate agents with the chance to save time, decrease expenses and increase their profits.

Picmiller and FIABCI representatives predict a future of long-term cooperation, success and mutual benefits for both parties. We are convinced that their partnership is just now beginning to develop and will bring many positive changes in the operations of both organizations by giving them the opportunity to work in ways they can meet the requirements of various clients and keeping them satisfied with the services provided.

During the Professional holiday of real estate agents and brokers in Bulgaria – 27th of October 2017 – Picmiller will make a special presentation and make its professionals available for contact throughout the whole day.

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